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Choose to be positive
May 19, 2021

We have entered the second phase of the national vaccination roll-out this month and many believe that this should usher in a period of normalising our lives again.

This, however, will still take time as we have seen in the first phase, the process is not as streamlined as it could be. We are optimistic though, as we move through this period.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. – HELEN KELLER

So let us then not lose this faith in the possibility of achieving the best results in the fight against Covid-19.

These same principals also ring true in our everyday lives. We sometimes think that confidence precedes any other action. But we forget that attitude is often the dealbreaker when it comes to achieving anything. When we choose to be positive or optimistic about a project or even life in general, we create in ourselves a faith that says you can do this thing.

Achievement is not accolades. Achievement lies in the finishing. In the not giving up. Our hope and then our confidence will push us forward as we live a life of not giving up. This is also the attitude we need to have towards this current season. We need to choose not to succumb to the pressure and to keep on having faith in the getting up and the going!

One of the most powerful testimonies that will come from this time in history, will be that we have not given up, that we chose not to lose out optimism for the future, our hope and kept moving forward with the confidence of someone who has already won the race.

You are stronger that you think you are. For today, believe that you can achieve your potential, and that you can achieve what you set your mind to.

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Choose to be positive

Choose to be positive

We have entered the second phase of the national vaccination roll-out this month and many believe that this…

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